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Mackinac Island, Michigan is small - only three miles long, two miles wide and nine miles around the shore. However, when you see the pristine beauty of this island and hear the clip-clop of horse & carriage as you stroll along the lakeshore boardwalk, youíll think youíve somehow traveled through a time machine. Mackinac Island has a permanent population of only 500, with hundreds of thousands of visitors arriving to work or vacation on the island each summer. It is, no doubt, a unique place - no cars are permitted, except for emergencies and the whole island is a virtual Victorian theme park, complete with grand old hotels and travel only by horse & carriage or bicycle. Ferries connect the island to the mainland, and in winter there is air service from nearby St. Ignace Airport. Mackinac Island dates back to a time when it was a fur trading capital and wealthy businessmen came here to build summer homes to escape the heat of the cities. During the late 1800s, word began to spread about this island retreat, and it became one of the most popular summer tourist destinations in the country. It was then that many of the Victorian hotels you still see today were built on the island to accommodate the thousands of visitors coming to summer here each year. Mackinac Island has also become a center for archeological research and historical construction. There is no other place quite like it in the country.

Given itsí small size and seasonal nature, real estate for sale right on Mackinac Island is not plentiful, but, what is there is an eclectic mix of modern condominiums, summer cottages and large century old historic homes and everything in between. Rentals are what keep the real estate agents in the area busy, and you will find many friendly and knowledgeable agents on Mackinac Island and in nearby St. Ignace and Mackinac City across the bay. Whether you are renting for the summer, or considering a purchase of a home, land or commercial property, they will be able to assist you with your decision. If you are considering staying for only a few months or less, Mackinac Island is known for itsí summer apartments, condos, homes and cottages for rent. Most are available by the week, month or for the whole summer season. Examples of what you might find include gingerbread-laden Victorian cottages that sit high on the bluffs overlooking the lake, or a classic Colonial Revival style cottage that was popular in the early 1900s. Other homes, cottages and apartments are located in the heart of the historic downtown district, just a short walk to shops, restaurants, the docks and other attractions. Most rental homes on Mackinac Island include complete furnishings, linens, TV, phone, washer and dryer, etc. You need only bring food, clothes and personal items. Of course, no housekeeping services are provided, so itsí not for those whose idea of vacation is no cooking or cleaning. If youíre coming to the island to work, or play, for the whole summer, a house rental is going to be more reasonable than living in a hotel.


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